Secret Spots in Bucharest

The architecture of the Bucharest tells a story, there are crumbling 19th-century manors in stark contrast to the brutalist communist architecture, it is a beautiful city with such a fascinating history.

If you avoid the old town then you’ll hardly notice any tourists and instead, you can just explore all of the secret spots in the city like a local.

Best Cafes:

Diane 4

This cafe/bar is in a beautiful refurbished but still crumbling 19th-century villa. It has a really rustic vibe, great coffee and a really nice looking bar area too.


This modern cafe could be located anywhere in Europe, the food was great and the coffee delicious. It’s the perfect spot for a leisurely brunch with friends or to come on your own and do some work.

J’ai Bistrot

This cafe really felt like a local hang out, it is a bit out of the city centre but is located in a really nice neighbourhood with beautiful buildings and street art.

I had the scrambled egg burrito and my boyfriend the Bangledish eggs, it was cheap and delicious, can’t recommend this place enough.

Beans & Dots

This is a cool artistic space where you can drink a coffee, take a look at the record shop and visit any other pop-up exhibitions that are going on.

Things to do in the day:

Museum of Contemporary Art

This gallery is located in the humungous and quite amazing parliamentary building.

This gallery is huge, spread over four floors, the exhibitions we saw were great with a focus on Romanian artists. On the top floor of the gallery there is a terrace with a pretty amazing view of the overpowering Russian Church.

Romanian Atheneum

Possibly one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, just looking at this theatre is like going back in time.

For just 2 Leu (£0.36) you can go inside, the ceiling is just amazing, like nothing I’ve seen before and we were lucky enough to listen to the orchestra warming up.

Visit some churches

Street Food:


If you are looking for a bite to eat on the go this is a great choice. They had pretzels and slices of pizza which you could see being cooked in front of you.

Buono e Bravi

This was such a lovely little spot on Rossetti Square, they sold croissants and coffee in the morning, sandwiches at lunch and amazing thick slices of pizza in the evening.

With a few tables outside this is an amazing spot for a quick bite to eat.

Best Bars:

Fix Me a Drink

In the same building as the cafe Beans & Dots is this really cool bar with cheap wine, and interesting cocktails.

Beat Bar Umanist

This jazz bar is hard to find and feels like a well-kept secret. There is nothing pretentious about it though, it’s cheap, filled with locals, dark lights and experimental jazz music.

Dialogue Social Club

Located in a refurbished villa this bar doubles as a cafe during the day, with a cosy laidback vibe it’s a nice place to spend your evening.

Best dinner spots:

Lente & Cafea

This secret restaurant is a really nice spot for a romantic dinner. The food wasn’t anything special but it was cheap and there were board games to play.


This restaurant is located in an old printing house, it’s a huge spot with really nice interiors. The food was great, really nice vegetarian options and plenty of choice for meat-eaters as well.


Located in another converted 19th-century villa this was a delicious spot for dinner. We shared the feta cheese Brulee to start which was amazing!

Things to do in the evening:

Control Club

This is the most famous techno club in Bucharest, the music was great, the drinks were cheap and everyone was dancing the night away.

Carol 53

If like me, you’re interested this culture, it is pretty interesting to visit an Eastern European squat, the building is pretty scary, but with lots of art installations, it’s a cool place to spend a summer evening and chat with the residents who live here.

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