The Best Bars


A great rooftop bar in the city centre, perfect for a sunny day or watching the sunset with a glass of wine.

I have to say that the service here is pretty poor and the drinks aren’t that cheap, really you’re just paying for the view, but when the view is as good as it is, you can’t complain too much!

Dogs Bar

This is a crazy bar hidden underground. On the map, you’ll have to search for Vzorkovna and the bar itself is quite hard to spot, just lookout for a queue of people who will inevitably be waiting outside.

The bar seems to go on for miles underground, it is a maze of different seats and different rooms, and it gets its name from the resident dog, which is huge, more like a wolf.

This is a great hangout spot for students, with cheap beer and live music, it has such a great atmosphere.

U Sudu

This is another crazy underground bar that is even bigger than Dogs Bar. It feels like you’re in an underground bunker with tunnels and rooms going on and on in what seems like forever.

This is a bit of a local’s hang out and is another great spot for cheap drinks and a laidback atmosphere.

U Brohy Wine Bar

Along the river towards the Dancing House is this really cosy wine bar.

When you enter the bar you are given a piece of paper, a pencil, and a wine glass, you then you go up, fill your glass with the different choices of French wines and tally it on your paper to pay at the end.

In the summer they have disposable glasses so you can top up your glass and take it by the river.


When following google maps to this bar you’ll be convinced you’ve gone wrong, but carry on! The bar is inside this strange arcade, you ring a doorbell, and walk up a lot of stairs until you reach the bar.

It’s a cosy, non-pretentious spot where you can chill for hours, play board games and catch up with friends.


This is another secret bar in the Zizkov district.

My favourite time to come here is on a Sunday, if you sign up to a member’s card (which is free) then every Sunday for 100CZK (£3) you can come here to hang-out, have a delicious bowl of soup and listen to whoever is performing on the open-mic.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a cold Sunday evening!

Sunday at Zizkoviska


This open-plan space is a very cool spot in Prague 7, they have records, trainers and other street-wear brands for sale, you can drink coffee or beer and listen to the resident DJ.

Relaxing outside of Vintroblok

Bubenska Bar

This is probably one of the best cocktail bars in the city, it’s the perfect spot to come for a special occasion.

The Dancing House

The Dancing House is an iconic building in Prague, it stands out along the river and is a really interesting piece of architecture.

It’s not really a bar, but you can either pay to go to the roof, or you can buy a drink then you can go onto the roof for free, a glass of prosecco is 100CZK (£3), you can drink this and watch the city go by.

The view from the Dancing House

Indigo Bar

This really cute little bar serves cheap drinks and is always filled with students, the atmosphere is very laid-back and they have a really nice garden area in the summer which is open during the day.

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