Hiking In Bohemian Paradise

When people think of the Czech Republic, they often don’t look much beyond Prague.

But the Czech country-side offers some really beautiful nature, most noticeably the Boheimum Paradise reserve.

In November we took a trip to Karlstejn castle in the central Bohemian Region, you just hop on a train from Prague Central Station to Karlstejn, and like magic, you’re out of the city into the most serene nature.

The journey is about 40 minutes and should cost around 50CZK (2 euros).

We began our day by looking around KarlĹĄtejn Castle, this is a Gothic Castle that was founded in 1348 by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor-elect and King of Bohemia.

The castle is beautiful and boasts amazing views of the Bohemian forests.

We then began our hike to the Big Amerika and Little Amerika Quarries.

These are two partly flooded, abandoned limestone quarries that get their name from their apparent resemblance to the Grand Canyon.

In the summer months, people go swimming in the canyons which must be so beautiful. But in the winter you can admire the view and explore the countryside.

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