Kayaking Trip In Karlovy Vary

During the summer, one of my friends organised a hiking and kayaking trip in the Czech country-side and it was without a doubt one of the best weekend’s of my Erasmus.

We began the trip by taking a train from Prague to Karlovy Vary, this journey is about 2 hours long and costs around £5.

Karlovy Vary is a beautiful Czech town which is worth a visit in itself, it is famous for its apparently healing natural springs ad beautiful architecture.

From Karlovy Vary, we hiked about 15km to a place called Loket. The hike was pretty flat, so nothing too challenging and was through some beautiful forests.

Loket is another small Czech town that is famous because in Casino Royale when James Bond is in Montenegro it was actually filmed in Loket.

Loket Castle is perched on top of the hill and is surrounded by forests, it’s like something out of a fairy tale.

After exploring Loket, we checked into our hostel and headed for a delicious hearty Czech meal at a place called Old Slavic Cuisine.

After a long day of walking this place was amazing, I’d really recommend it, the restaurant is underground and is in one of the oldest houses in the town, the food was delicious and affordable.

When we woke up the following day, we headed down to the Ohře River just below the castle, where we rented kayaks. There are various places to hire a Kayak so enquire about this before you go.

You can rent the kayak in Loket and then return it further down the river in Karlovy Vary.

I can’t recommend enough getting outside with your friends and just enjoying nature, especially in the summertime!

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