My Experience: Living in a Flat in the City Centre

If you have read my previous post about my experience living in Troja Halls of Residence, then you’ll know that in the second semester of my Erasmus I moved out of halls and into a flat in the city centre.

Of course, the decision to live in a flat in the centre was an expensive one, but I made the personal decision that although it was a step up from the £120 I was spending in Halls, it was still significantly cheaper than anything I would pay in the UK.

The decision to move really changed my Erasmus experience, I was now living in a flat with four of my best friends and I could walk pretty much anywhere in a matter of minutes.

My daily walk to University was through Old Town Square. I would constantly be on my own, walking to Uni and would just feel so lucky that this is where I now lived.

Our flat was amazing, it was really spacious, I had my own bedroom (!!!), a huge kitchen, living room and a balcony that looked out onto the courtyard of this fancy hotel.

The view of the fancy hotel from our balcony

The decision to change accommodation was one of the best decisions I have made, I got to have the true Erasmus experience of totally being immersed in a new city, living with friends and just feeling so lucky that I got to study and live in this beautiful city.

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