Meadows in the Mountain Festival, Bulgaria

Located in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria, Meadows in the Mountains has to be one of the most picturesque and magical music festivals to exist.

My experience at the festival was totally magical, as the name suggests it is quite literally located in a meadow on top of a mountain. It is like some sort of hippy commune, a couple of hundred people walking barefoot, respecting nature and dancing to the sunrise.

Dancing in the mountains

Meadows in the Mountains tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible, no single-use plastic is allowed on-site, individuals are encouraged to stick to the footpaths so as to not disturb nature, and those who can travel to the festival without flying are rewarded with free tickets.

We began our festival adventure in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, where we spent one night exploring as much of the city as we could.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia

From Sofia, we then took a four-hour coach to the festival.

Once we arrived we were dropped off in the Polkovnik Serafimovo village,you are given the option to buy a shuttle pass for taxi trips to and from the village to the campsite, definitely buy this. The walk is very long and very steep, doing it every day in the heat would be exhausting.

Taking a taxi up the mountain

Even with the taxi dropping you at the top of the mountain you still have quite a long way to walk to get to the campsite which is hard work if you are carrying a lot of bags!

There are different sleeping options at the festival, you can bring your own tent, pay for a pre-pitched tent, a bell tent, or rent a room in one of the houses in the village.

Of course, the latter is the most comfortable, but we chose to bring our own tent, mainly because this was the cheapest option, but also there’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning and being surrounded by nothing but mountains.

What a view to wake up to

The camp and festival site are separate from each other, with the festival site located on the peak of the mountain.

The infrastructure seems to blend seamlessly with nature, with multiple different stages. from a sunrise to a forest stage.

Music plays all day and all night, with the focus on up and coming artists.

You can spend the day relaxing in one of the shaded areas on the site listening to some live music and the evening dancing in the forest.

One of the stages is called the sunrise stage where everyone dances, waiting and watching for the sun to rise in this euphoric and totally beautiful moment.

Of course, locating a festival on top of a mountain there are going to be a few technical difficulties, I don’t want to dwell on these too much but it is worth me pointing them out because there are some things I wish I’d known before attending.

Be prepared for sudden changes in weather, we were lucky to experience only one thunderstorm but it appeared thick and fast, and if you’re camping then you need to be prepared for this.

There are no showers at the campsite, and with just one main water source located in the village, waiting in a queue for water when it was over 30 degrees was a bit testing.

The food on the festival site was all delicious, but more like UK prices than Bulgarian prices. If you’re looking for something cheaper many locals open up their homes to serve food to visitors, including fresh watermelon to start off your day.

The festival is on for three days, but the campsite is open for six, so we decided to stay for the whole six. I would really recommend doing this because most people left as soon as the music ended and it was really lovely to explore the area on our own.

We spent one day venturing to some waterfalls further up the mountain.

Exploring the waterfalls

And another day we spent exploring the village, we made friends with a British family who moved to the village 20 years ago and let us swim in their natural swimming pool.

This week was more than I could have ever imagined, it was like some sort of dream or hippy paradise, you are totally separated from the real world and are given the chance to just totally enjoy your surroundings and dance with nature.

I hope to be back one day for sure…

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