Jazz Republic

When visiting a city I always think it’s nice to listen to some live music and if Jazz is your thing then this is the place to come.

It has a cosy and intimate vibe where you sit right next to the musicians.

On a cold evening, it’s the perfect place to come, drink red wine, listen to some jazz and imagine that you are in a romantic film.

Meet Factory

This is a really cool venue which as the name suggests is in an old meat factory.

The only way to access the Meet Factory is by running across a railway, so be careful!!

They have gigs on most weekends so lookout for anything you fancy, but there is also an art gallery, and they often have flea markets, so it’s worth checking this place out even if you can’t make it to a gig.


WildT is a really cool little bar/club, it’s a small and intimate venue and the music is always great. In the summer they open up their beer garden and the DJ’s perform outside.


This is a techno party that happens every couple of months in different abandoned venues across the city. Look out for posters in the street to find out more.


Komiks is similar to Tetris, with regular raves in different secret venues. The sound-system is always loud and the music crazy, it’s a guaranteed good night!

Stalin Bar

From May to September every weekend in Letna Park there is a free outdoor party.

By the ticking metronome, there are DJs, a bar and hundreds of people dancing with the moon and the stars!

I would recommend coming early, watching the sunset and bringing your own beer from the shops to save on queues and on prices!

UP Festival

This is an annual techno festival that happens once a year in Prague. It’s a two-day festival at Výstaviště Praha Holešovice a pretty amazing and ginormous venue.


This is probably the most famous techno club in Prague, they host all different kinds of events from disco and techno nights to gay and sex parties.

The National Theatre

The National Theatre is a beautiful building that you can’t really miss when wandering around the city. Although visiting the Opera is something I had never done before while living in Prague I went quite a lot because it was so cheap!

They sell discounted student tickets for as cheap as £3. It feels like you’re going back in time, everyone gets a bit dressed up and enjoys the performance in such an amazing location.

Cross Club

This is quite a strange venue in Prague 7, outside are huge sculptures made that are made from metal and resemble the inside of a clock.

There is a free event on most weekends and with drinks being cheap you can’t really complain!

Bukanyr Boat Party

This techno boat party is the best place for an after-party, it opens at 2 AM and continues to the early hours of the morning. You can dance on the boat and watch the sunrise on the river.

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