The Most Beautiful Parks

Letna Park

This is without a doubt my favourite park in Prague, with amazing views of the whole city, no matter the season it’s a great place to hang out or come for a walk.

The park used to be called Stalin Park, because it used to have a huge statue of Stalin, this was then replaced (strangely) with a statue of Micheal Jackson, and now in its place is a ticking metronome.

You can sit by the metronome, admire a view of the whole city and watch the skateboarders effortlessly skating behind you.

In the summer the Stalin bar opens at the metronome, every weekend there is a live DJ and a bar, making the park the perfect place to hang out and enjoy the long summer evenings.

The Castle Gardens

Visiting Prague Castle is, of course, beautiful, but it is relatively expensive and can be packed with tourists. If you are visiting in the summer I would instead recommend visiting the castle gardens.

You can skip the queues, enter for free and admire the castle from the outside.

Regrovy Sady

This park is a must-visit in the summer months, the view from the top of the hill perfectly frames both the castle and the sunset.

In the summer people watch the sunset like its a concert, clapping when it eventually disappears behind the horizon.

Vitkov Park

This interesting park with a huge communist memorial is another beautiful spot to watch the sunset.


Dzban lake is at the end of the tram line towards the airport, but visiting here feels like you’re miles away from the city.

When the city gets a bit much at the peak of the summer months this is the best place to escape to. You can swim in the lake, bring a picnic and spend the whole day sunbathing and relaxing with friends.

Pristav 1800

Located on a former rubbish dump, you can access this park via a public transport boat. You hop on the speed boat opposite the Prague Market and the driver will take you straight to the park.

There are places to buy food and drinks in this park, and you’ll find families and groups of friends having BBQs and picnics in the summer.

The river

Another great way to enjoy a summer evening is by taking a picnic to the river. You can sit along the river edge, admire the castle and just watch the boats go by.

You can even buy a glass of wine from U Brohy Wine Bar and take it to the riverside.

Kampa Park

Located on the other side of the river, this park offers great views from a side of the city you might not usually see.

There are some really interesting and quite strange sculptures of giant babies by Czech artist David Cerny.

Within the park is a modern art gallery, Kampa House, which hosts lots of exhibitions by other Czech artists.

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