Top Tips: How To Make The Most of Prague

Sadly, Prague is receiving a growing stereotype of stag-do’s, prostitution and cheap beer.

There is so much more to the city than these two things so these are my top tips to ensure that when visiting Prague you are able to make the most of the city.

  • Although of course, both Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square are beautiful and you should 100% visit both, try and avoid spending too much time here. They can be overcrowded and it’s difficult to find a place to eat or drink that isn’t an overpriced tourist trap.
  • Similarly, although Prague Castle is a “must-have” when you visit the city, I would actually recommend that you visit the castle gardens, these are free to enter, significantly less busy and you can admire the castle from the outside.
  • From my experience, Czech people are somewhat resentful towards the growing tourist culture. This is understandable with tourist accommodation and rising prices pushing local people out of the city. I would advise that you learn one or two Czech words to show a bit of respect when you are walking into a bar or a cafe… Hello is Ahoj and Thank you is DÄ›kuju
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS buy a ticket for the public transport. The inspectors are vigilant and seem able to sniff out a tourist from a mile away.

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