My Favourite Food Markets

Sapa Market

Prague has a really big Vietnamese community, so much so, they even have their very own Sapa Market.

Visiting here is a real micro-culture and although I have never visited Vietnam it feels quite close to the real deal, with everything for sale from alive fish to fake clothing.

You can buy a Vietnamese coffee or fresh fruit juice from one of the street vendors and then stop for a bowl of Pho. It’s a really interesting place to visit and gives you an insight into the Vietnamese culture that is so prevalent in Prague.

Naplavka Market

If you are in the city centre on a Saturday then be sure to go and explore this market.

You can buy delicious hot food, Czech jams or foraged mushrooms and they even have little antique markets selling records and other trinkets.

Christmas Markets

Prague is a beautiful city all year round, but at Christmas, it is particularly magical. The Christmas markets are spread all across the city but can be overwhelmingly busy at Old Town and Wenceslas Square.

I would recommend visiting Namesti Miru for a smaller but equally magical selection of market stalls.

Prague Market

This is quite a strange part of the city, with many indoor and outdoor market halls spread across this huge industrial site.

In Hall 22 there is an indoor food market and in Hall 8 you can visit Trang El Bistro for a delicious bowl of Pho.

Wine and Food Market

This is a great Italian food market just across the river from the Dancing House. You can choose your food from a variety of sellers, from a humungous pizza to some focaccia or fresh fish!

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